Terms & Conditions

Offshore Cowboys Club is a digital artwork (NFTs) gallery that runs on the Ethereum network. The gallery is a platform for interested buyers to survey and purchase what they like. As a user, you are responsible for the safety and management of your Ethereum wallet. Also, it’s your duty to validate the contracts and transactions you involve yourself in to ensure the legitimacy of the seller. You should perform your due diligence before the website approves the transaction. The reason for this is that Offshore Cowboys Club runs on the Ethereum blockchain and it’s impossible to make reversals or refunds. This website and any other service connected to it are provided as is, without a warranty. By continuing to use this site and its services, you are accepting responsibility for all transactions involving Offshore Cowboys Club.

1. Ownership.

A: Every NFT on Offshore Cowboys Club is on the Ethereum blockchain. After making a purchase on this website, all ownership of the digital artwork is transferred to you. This transferral of ownership is facilitated by a Smart Contract and the Ethereum network. After completing the purchase, no one from Offshore Cowboys Club can change the ownership of, freeze or claim the NFT.

B: Personal Use: If you continue to comply with the terms of this website, Offshore Cowboys Club grants you a global, royalty-free license to copy, display and use the digital artwork, together with any extensions you will create, solely for the following purposes: (i) for your personal, recreational use (ii) as part of a commerce platform that allows the purchase and sale of your Offshore Cowboys NFT, provided that the commerce platform cryptographically verifies each Offshore Cowboys owner’s rights to display the artwork and verifies that you’re the actual owner of the NFT and have the right to display it. (iii) as part of another third party website or app that permits the display, inclusion and involvement of your Offshore Cowboys NFT, provided the website or app verifies your Offshore Cowboys owner’s rights to verify that you’re the actual owner if the NFT and have the right to display it. The latter condition that the digital artwork is no longer visible once the owner of the Offshore Cowboys NFT leaves the website or app.

C: Commercial use: Subject to your continued compliance with the terms and conditions in this document, Offshore Cowboys Club grants you a global, unlimited license to use, display and copy the digital artwork you purchase on this website for the purpose of creating derivative works based on the artwork, that is, for commercial use. Some examples of commercial include using digital artwork to produce and sell merchandise goods like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, notebooks etc., and displaying the goods with the intent of selling them to interested buyers. For clarity, nothing in this document can restrict you from (i) Owning or running a commerce platform that permits the sale and use of Offshore Cowboys NFTs generally, provided that your commerce platform verifies each Offshore Cowboys NFT owner’s rights to display their Offshore Cowboys, in order to ensure that the person is the actual owner of the NFT and can display the digital artwork. (ii) Owning or operating another third party website or app that permits the display, inclusion and involvement of each Offshore Cowboys NFT, provided your website or app verifies each Offshore Cowboys owner’s rights to verify that the person is the actual owner if the NFT and has the right to display the digital artwork. (iii) Earning revenue from any of the activities mentioned in this section.

D: Offshore Cowboys Club IP: Besides the right to the digital artwork, you have no other right whatsoever to any other trademarks or intellectual property on Offshore Cowboys Club and its associated logos and brands. You can’t claim ownership of any other digital artwork unless you pay for it and ownership is transferred to you with the facilitation of a Smart Contract and the Ethereum network. Otherwise, off the rights are reserved under the name of Offshore Cowboys Club.

E: Feedback and reviews. If you wish, you may submit comments, ideas, bug reports and other feedback, including but not limited to how to improve the website for a better user experience. By submitting your feedback, you agree that we are at liberty to use it in any way we please without compensating you. Therefore, you give us an irrevocable, non-exclusive, global license to use the feedback you provided for any purpose we wish.

2. Your Obligations.

You are completely responsible for your own behaviour while using the Offshore Cowboys Club website and, therefore, for any consequences resulting from that. By signing up to use the website, you agree to use it solely for purposes that are legal and in line with the terms and conditions stipulated in this text. Here are examples of activities that are forbidden on this website in any way, shape or form. Please note that these examples are not limitations to the kind of unacceptable behaviour that’s forbidden here. They include: (i) Sending or distributing any objectionable content, including defamatory, unlawful, abusive, fraudulent, hateful, harassing, violent or obscene content. (ii) Distributing any viruses, worms, corrupted files, Trojan horses, defects, hoaxes, or any other content that is destructive. (iii) Impersonating or catfishing another person. (iv) Posting, uploading or otherwise making available through Offshore Cowboys Club any content that is pirated, infringes the intellectual property, proprietary rights and legal rights of another person. (v) Engaging in, promoting and recruiting people to participate in any illegal activity, including money laundering. (vi) Interfering with how other users use Offshore Cowboys Club website. (vii) Using this website for unauthorized commercial purposes. (viii) Using your own or someone else’s skills to modify, change or reverse engineer any part or function of this website. (ix) Removing any trademark, copyright or proprietary right notices contained in any part of this website. (x) Using or allowing the use of technology to gather information about Offshore Cowboys Club website for unauthorized purposes. (xi) Access or use this website for the purpose of creating a competing product or service. If you engage or allow a third party to engage in any of the activities mentioned in this section, we may immediately terminate your account at our sole discretion, without notifying you and without limiting our other rights.

3. Fees and Payment.

A: If you choose to purchase a digital artwork through the Offshore Cowboys Club website, any financial transactions you make will be conducted only through the Ethereum network. As Offshore Cowboys Club, we have no insight into or control over these transactions. We also don’t have the ability to reverse any transaction. We won’t have any liability to you or any third party for claims and damages that may arise while engaging in transactions via the Ethereum network.

B: Ethereum requires the payment of a transaction fee, i.e. a gas fee, for every transaction that occurs on their network. This money is for the maintenance of the network of computers that run the decentralized network. This means that you’ll have to pay a gas fee for every transaction.

4. Disclaimers.

A: By taking part in the activities of this website, you expressly understand and agree that your access and use of this website is at your own risk and that this website and everything displayed in it is as is, without any kind of warranty, whether expressed or implied. We do not offer any warranties and hereby disclaim all expressed warranties attached to this site, any Smart Contract or any other website or service linked to Offshore Cowboys Club. This includes warranties that imply correctness, accuracy, merchantability, non-infringement or reliability of any product or service offered by Offshore Cowboys Club. In summary, we do not warrant or guarantee that (i) your use or access of this site will meet your expectations (ii) your use or access of this site will be secure, timely, without interruptions or free from error. (iii) this website or any services and digital features offered by Offshore Cowboys Club are virus-free, and do not have any other harmful malware (iv) any data you provide on this website will be safe and secure. Some or all of these exclusions may not apply to you, depending on the country in which you live.

B: You accept the possible security risks of providing your personal data on this website and making other online dealings, and accept that we have no liability or responsibility for any security compromise unless it has been proven that anyone from Offshore Cowboys Club did it wilfully.

C: We won’t be held liable or responsible for any losses you incur resulting from your use of the Ethereum network, nor do we have control over and guarantee any Smart Contracts.

5. Limitation of Liability.

A: You understand and accept that we won’t be liable to you or any third party for any consequential, incidental, indirect or special damages which you may incur; however, it may be caused and under any concept or idea of liability. This includes and is not limited to direct or indirect profit losses, loss of reputation, loss of goodwill, data loss, procurement costs for goods and services or any other ideological loss, even if at Offshore Cowboys Club, we know there is a possibility of such things happening.

B: You accept that our complete liability to you for any and all claims relating to your use and access of this website, whether in tort, contract or any other legal theory is limited to the greater of (i) the amount you paid us under these terms in the 12-month period preceding the date which your claim arose, or (ii) $500.

C: You agree that we have made the site available for your use and you’ve accepted into these terms relying upon the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations set forth therein. We as Offshore Cowboys Club wouldn’t be able to provide our services without these limitations.

6. Risk Assumption.

By using this website, you accept and acknowledge the following:

A: If you decide to sell your Offshore Cowboys Club NFT, kindly be aware that the prices of NFTs are highly volatile and if other NFTs in the market fluctuate, the price of your NFT will also be influenced. Because of this instability, we wouldn’t advise you to consider Offshore Cowboys Club NFTs as an investment. You are aware of all the risks involved by doing that.

B: Ownership of Offshore Cowboys Club refers to digital artwork only. Therefore, no information on this website or any other documents found in it can be taken as advice or an invitation to enter into any Smart Contract for investment purposes. Moreover, nothing on this website qualifies or is an offering for securities in any area, nor does it include an offer or invitation to buy shares, securities or other financial offers. Because of the artistic nature of Offshore Cowboys Club, we have not been registered with or approved by any regulation board in any country. It will always remain your sole responsibility to make sure that the purchase of any digital artwork on Offshore Cowboys Club is in line with the laws and regulations of your country.

C: You understand and accept all risk associated with using a digital currency, including but not limited to the risks related to of internet connections on your device, the risk of the introduction of harmful software and the risk that other unknown parties can obtain unauthorized access to the data stored in your digital wallet.

D: Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are new ideas, and they don’t have sufficient regulations surrounding them. In case new regulations are introduced, it could negatively affect your digital artwork on Offshore Cowboys Club. You understand and accept all risk involved in that.

E: You understand and accept all responsibility for any serious disruptions or other issues that will impact the Ethereum network.

7. Indemnification.

By using this website, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Offshore Cowboys Club and its affiliates, agents, employees, licensors, advertisers, partners and everyone associated with the Offshore Cowboys Club against any loss, damage, claim or liability, actual or consequential. Moreover, the groups mentioned won’t be responsible for any lawsuits, litigation costs and lawyer’s fees arising out of or related to (i) your breach of the terms and conditions outlined in this document (ii) your misuse of this website, knowingly or unknowingly (iii) your violation of state laws and regulations in connection with your use and access to this website.

8. Changes to the Terms and Conditions.

We at Offshore Cowboys Club may make changes to the terms and conditions stipulated in this document at our discretion. It’s your duty to check the terms and conditions periodically in case of any changes that may affect your use of this website and the transactions you will make. Any changes made on the terms and conditions will apply on the date they are made and if you continue to use the website after the changes have been made, you show your acceptance of the updates. If you disagree with any changes made on the terms and conditions, you should not continue using this website.

9. Children.

This website is not intended for children. You must be at least 18 years and above to access this website, use it or purchase any digital artwork displayed in it. If you’re a minor, you are forbidden from using this website for any reason. By continuing to use this website, you verify that you are at least 18 years old. Moreover, if you are the parent or guardian of any person under the age of 18, you should not allow them to use this website for any purpose. We will not accept liability for any damages caused if your child accesses and uses this website. If you continue using this website and you are the parent and guardian of a person under 18, you warrant that you will not allow your child to use this website.